Gulf Co-operation Council MoU singing

AmCham members of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC)

Signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening partnerships with each other. More and more is being done to strengthen and unify neighboring countries to help facilitate prosperity and unity among all countries. The signing of an MoU will give councils a common understanding of cooperation

With the Fifa World Cup approaching, this MoU will aid in mutual success and understanding of how all GCC AmCham members can work together to benefit all businesses in each respected organization. AmCham works to communicate, pursue, and uphold relationships with other businesses and other commercial organizations.

“After two years of countrywide shutdowns due to the 2020 pandemic, there is no better time for this announcement.”

Mere months before the FIFA World Cup, AmChams across the GCC continue supporting their members by hosting events and initiatives together for the benefit of their members and friends.” Holland stated that AmChams are the international branches of the US Chamber of Commerce, and one of their goals is to advance trade, business, and investment among their US member organizations.

“This only further solidifies that between the regions here…this is a way for us to become a unified front and hopefully help our member businesses together,” said Holland. “Not only are several of our member companies active with the World Cup, the biggest of which is Jacobs since they are instrumental in delivering the stadiums,

AmCham Qatar also works very closely with Team USA to bring that value and do our part to make sure this World Cup is successful.

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