Why Join?

Experience the benefits

As a networking organization focused primarily on business and professional development AmCham Qatar hosts between 25-30 thought leadership events throughout the year. AmCham Qatar members consistently mention the following benefits:

  • Interacting with other US companies and engaging with international leaders and companies operating or based in Qatar.
  • Networking with executives of leading companies at events throughout the year.
  • Attending seminars, keynote speeches, interactive panel presentations, and round table discussions aimed at professional development.
  • Marketing through sponsorship opportunities and share business news through our newsletter and social media channels.
  • Gaining access to political decision-makers, federal and regional ministers and US government officials at American Chamber of Commerce Qatar events.

Company Memberships

Company Membership is a form of membership available to corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorship or other legal entities formed, founded, or incorporated in the United States; or if formed, founded, or incorporated outside of the United States, having substantial investment or operational interest held by United States legal entities or citizens.

A Company Member must be legally established in Qatar (possess a valid Commercial Registration or equivalent certificate) or have sufficient capital investment or operating interest in Qatar. Decisions on these qualifications are made by the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce Qatar.

Take your company to the next level

If you are a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or other legal entity not otherwise qualified for membership, the Board of Governors may determine you eligible for membership if (1) your business relationships with the United States or United States companies are such that your membership will contribute towards achievement of the objectives of the Chamber, and (2) you are legally established in Qatar or have sufficient capital investment or operating interest in Qatar.

Upon joining, your Company will nominate two (2) persons residing in Qatar to be your Company Representatives. Exclusive invitations and account notifications will be directed to the Company Representatives. The American Chamber in Qatar currently has two levels of Company Membership: Chairman’s Circle and Corporate.

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